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Warranty : Dongguan Zhuowei Purification Technology CO.,Ltd warrants each product to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal usage for a period of one year from the date of original shipment, lifetime maintenance and technical support services.

1.Sales Professionals need to stay in touch with the customers even after the deal.

2.Call customers once in a while to exchange pleasantries.

3.Give customers the necessary support. Help them install, maintain or operate a particular product. Sales professionals selling laptops must ensure windows are configured in the system and customers are able to use net without any difficulty. Similarly organizations selling mobile sim cards must ensure the number is activated immediately once the customer submits his necessary documents.

4.Any product found broken or in a damaged condition must be exchanged immediately by the sales professional. Don’t harass the customers. Listen to their grievances and make them feel comfortable.

5.Take feedback of the products and services from the customers. Feedback helps us to know the customers better and incorporate the necessary changes for better customer satisfaction. 

6.The exchange policies must be transparent and in favour of the customer. The customer who comes for an exchange should be given the same treatment as was given to him when he came for the first time. Speak to Customer properly and suggest Customer the best alternative.

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